Tuesday, 21 May 2019

RetroPie: Setting up a Raspberry Pi for retro gaming

Raspberry Pi from Amazon, along with case and PSU.  Fan is optional.

Buy some controllers or use just PS4, XboxOne or any other USB or Bluetooth controller.

Next either:
1) Download prebuilt image from Arcade Punks and install according to the instructions.
2) Go manual, download and install RetroPie:

From here you can load your own themes (menu look and feel) using the retropie menu:

Load your ROMs using either a browser:

To enable using the Retropie Setup within the Retropie menus, watch here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DgQDg6SzBDg

or remotely from a laptop using WinSCP:

For sending remote shell commands to the Pi you can use Putty:

The default information is:

Computer name:  retropie
User name:  pi
Password:  raspberry

You can download box art from the games using the builtin Emulation Station menus.  Alternatively, for a more comprehensive solution, covering more games and videos use the Scraper project:

Custom loading screen packs can be downloaded and applied for all consoles:

Bezels (images to either side of the playing game) can be added using the Bezel project:

You MUST only use ROMs from games you have at home.

Friday, 1 June 2018

How to add audio to a video file

Use AVIDemux. It's really quick and simple, and doesn't require reencoding of the video file so it's super fast! If you can't get that working, the free trial of AVS Video Editor 8.1 works fine. The only problem is a very small watermark in the center of the video which disappears after 60 seconds. Using this software does give you the benefit of more editing features like audio, text and transitions effects.