Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Silverlight Application Framework

This custom framework contains the following functionality:


  • Ribbon menu bar (from DivElements)
  • Navigation frames for the main container and content pages
  • MVVM architecture
  • MVVM Light Locator to make ViewModels available to Views
  • MVVM Light Messenger for content navigation, status updates and logout
  • MVVM Light RelayEvent for Commanding in View Models
  • MVVM Light EventToCommand for key press binding in ViewModels
  • Custom client-side session data management
  • Mockable dialog box service
  • Custom Silverlight “loader”


  • WCF Services (not WCF RIA Services)
  • Custom ASP.NET Authentication and login UI
  • ASP.NET Authorisation to allow for both secure and unsecure services
  • Text to Path web service to generate Xaml Path data from any string & font


Silverlight Application Framework demo from Steven Hollidge on Vimeo.

Navigation with the Ribbon and MVVM Light Messenger

The Ribbon button has a tag property that has the desired Uri set as its content.

When the button is clicked, a message is sent that contains the desired Uri.

The messenger listener receives the message and calls the ContentFrame.NavigateTo method.

Click here to download the source code:


PS    Prefer a Treeview Menu to the Ribbon?

If you prefer the style of a Tree View menu, which is free compared to the Ribbon which is licensed, you can check out my blog posting here.



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