Sunday, 20 May 2012

Silverlight and SSRS

As part of the agile mantra, release early and often, I’m publishing this blog post as I develop the solution.



Wireframe Prototype

SSRS Reports in Silverlight

The reports are loaded from a RESTful JSON web service on the Silverlight host web server.  This in turn calls the web services from the SSRS to retrieve the full list of reports for the user along with the require parameter metadata.

When the user clicks on the report the parameters listed on the right hand side are automatically displayed, with the correct data type input control (text, combo, checkbox, date picker), default values and validation.

To be continued…

As more gets added to the project I’ll update this blog post.

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  1. The architecture looks very nice! How did the project come along? Would you happen to have any additional notes/posts? Thanks!