Friday, 14 November 2014


Here’s an example of a simple rest application, written to demonstrate simple techniques to get people started with Angular:


Client features
- default page not being shown by the router
- automatic conversion of Json strings into JavaScript dates (generic/aop approach)
- date control bound to model object from a data service
- select control databound to model from a data service
- confirmation dialog
- rest service calls for get, post, put, delete
- bootstrap layout for form
- form validation
- app navigation from controller using location and window services
- logging abstraction
- promises for service calls including error handling
- generic application level error handling
- busy indicator
- unit tests with mocks and promises
- material design for form entry

Server features:
- simple rest endpoints
- compression
- request logging to console
- CORS enabled
- object retrieved from JS array based on key
- object removed from JS array based on key

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