Monday, 27 March 2017

Installing Windows10 on Aspire S7

Acer kindly have the Aspire S7 laptop on lockdown so you can’t easily boot from USB to install a new “clean” version of Windows.  There is a way around it though so here are the hoops you have to jump through:

1. Create a bootable Windows installer on your USB drive by downloading the Windows ISO then installing RUFUS to create your USB from the ISO.

2. Restart your computer and enter the BIOS screen.  You can do this before Windows boots up, by pressing F2 (by pressing function and 2 keys).  If F2 doesn’t work try F8 or F10.

3. Select “Boot” menu and change from UEFI to Legacy and set the boot order so that USB HDD is at the top.  Save and Exit.

4. Put your USB drive into your laptop and Windows installer should start.  You can now delete any old partitions and create a new drive.  The problem is this drive won’t be able to hold windows due to it being GPT partition style (arrrgh!) so we need to jump through an extra few hoops.

5. From the “Repair” menu option in the Windows installer window, select the command line option.

6. In the command line use the following commands:

7. You’ll now be able to go through the Windows installer and install into your drive.

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