Friday, 8 February 2013

PivotViewer bug


If you unload the Silverlight PivotViewer control from Visual Tree whilst it’s in the middle of loading items or an animation such as filtering or resizing, by for example changing the page in a navigation frame Silverlight crashes (see screenshot above).

The same behaviour occurs when the PivotViewer is used within the TabControl (from the Silverlight Toolkit), changing from the PivotViewer in a selected tab exhibits the same behaviour.

PivotViewer Crash Frame Demo:

PivotViewer Crash TabControl Demo:

If I rework the example and replace the frame/tab control with buttons that show/hide (visible/collapse) each of the pages then no error is thrown.

PivotViewer Working Demo:

Dear Microsoft, can we have a fix for the pivot viewer?

This bug has been reported to Microsoft Connect:

and also on the Silverlight forum:

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