Saturday, 26 October 2013

Windows To Go


You can now create a Windows 8.1 image stored and run on a USB device.

Here’s how to set it up.  From the Control Panel select “Windows To Go”:


Insert your USB key:                                  

Choose the USB you want to use for Windows To Go

Select the Windows ISO image:

The Windows To Go wizard will scan local drives

You're now ready to create your Windows To Go disk

Enter a BitLocker password:

Encrypt Windows To Go with BitLocker


The USB drive is partioned just like a normal drive

In the Choose a boot option screen, select a boot (startup) option. If you tap or click Yes, the Windows Boot Manager configuration will be modified to automatically boot from your Windows To Go device when it is connected to this host computer:

Windows 8 will now load the right drivers for your device

NOTE If you want to change the boot option after running the wizard, in the Windows 8 Start screen, type Change Windows To Go Startup Options, tap or click Settings to change the search scope, and then tap or click the Change Windows To Go Startup Options app to open it.

When provisioning is complete, tap or click Save and restart to restart the host computer:



Full instructions can be found here:

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