Monday, 13 June 2011


I’ve written a little application that trawls the internet for footy gossip so that users can have a one stop shop for all the latest rumours. 

The solution is pure C# and Azure. The website is hosted on Windows Azure, the data is stored on SQL Azure and the service that trawls the RSS feeds is running on Azure.

Here’s a screenshot:


You can hit the live site by clicking on the following link:

The application reads various sports RSS feeds and stores the title and links to the articles within SqlAzure (note: I’ve hidden some sensitive data):


To view one the feeds click on the this link from The Mirror newspaper in the UK:

Seeing as I’ve got this week off work I’m thinking about knocking up a Silverlight application to deploy to WP7 (Windows Phone).  The tricky part is I don’t own a Windows Phone so testing might be tough.  I’ll give it a go and write a blog post on my learnings.  Here’s hoping Mango is as good as the Microsoft sales team say it is!

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