Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Ribbon control in Silverlight

It’s been five years since Microsoft introduced the Ribbon within Office but it still divides opinion.  Here’s my sample app using a navigation frame and the Ribbon control from third party control vendor DivElements.


This example uses WCFRIA Services so you’ll need that installed (VS SP1 includes WCFRIA Services).

You might also want to install the latest Ribbon Dlls which can be downloaded from the Div Elements website:

To download the code click here):


v2 of the Ribbon Dll is included in the Libs folder of the source if you haven’t downloaded the Ribbon Dlls, just update the reference in the Silverlight project.

As you are downloading Dlls from the web you’ll need to “unblock” them by opening Windows Explorer and right clicking on each file, select properties and click unblock.

You will need to update the Sql Server connection details in the web.config file to point to a database with ASPNET security tables loaded.

Don’t forget to set SilverbladeDemo.Web as the start up project and Index.html as the startup page.

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