Monday, 13 June 2011

The start of Footy News on Windows Phone 7

So here’s a quick recap of where we are:

  • We’ve got a service running on the Azure platform that trawls the net for the latest footy news via various sporting RSS feeds
  • Back end storage in the cloud via SQL Azure for the footy articles
  • Hosting in the cloud via Windows Azure for an ASP.NET website to check the service is running and that our service is actively grabbing the latest articles

The next step is to build a WP7 app that will read from SQL Azure and display the footy news.  My initial prototype simply lists the articles on the left hand side and allows the user to select and swipe to the right to view the article on the web. 

Here’s a screencast of the quick prototype written in Silverlight:

The start of the Footy News WP7 Prototype from Steven Hollidge on Vimeo.

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